PyMC Labs consulted for us on a very challenging data science problem. They provided innovation on multiple levels to overcome difficult statistical problems as well as hurdles in scaling the computation to many data points. The project was carried out professionally from a deep understanding of the problem all the way to deployment in production. Communicating and working with them is easy and to the point. They are clearly at the top of their field.



Redhawk Research is an analytics company that brings transparency and understanding to formerly opaque areas of the financial market. With a long-standing (but unfulfilled) interest in Bayesian methods, Redhawk engaged PyMC Labs to build a prototype Bayesian model of a business process to better understand the current state-of-the-art. PyMC Labs readily understood the problem domain of interest and responded quickly, overcoming some scheduling hurdles along the way. The prototype was a fantastic learning opportunity as it confirmed some existing ideas while introducing new unconsidered investigation possibilities. Aside from purely technical merits, the PyMC folks are a pleasure to work with. I look forward to working with PyMC Labs again soon.



PyMC Labs worked with our research team to implement a complex Bayesian model for us that provided value by estimating characteristics of financial assets. Communication was seamless and they provided invaluable support when presenting this model to our own client. They are truly experts in Bayesian modeling and probabilistic programming and are a pleasure to work with.